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Please submit your project request using contact forms or e-mail us at . We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing any business sensitive information.

ACE consultant will contact you to clarify your project requirements. We involve subject matter experts during this stage to elaborate and propose the optimal technical and business solution.

Having clarified the requirements we will provide our free non-binding bid or proposal for your review. We will be glad to provide any clarifications required and adjust the proposal through negotiation process.

People visit your website at all times of the day. If you don’t have time to chat, one-on-one, with every visitor to your site. And you can’t greet them yourself; we’re there to do it for you. We will connect with your leads immediately; create meaningful, real-time connections by engaging the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel, driving incremental sales, maximizing customer satisfaction and retention, and optimizing agent resources.

We will start conversations with your visitors – conversations that lead to real sales. Put our Live Chat agents on your site and reap the benefits . Our focus is 100 percent on the fence-sitters.

Our specially trained chat support staff present a transparent environment to your customers delivering an uninterrupted 24x7 support on any business right on your website. Live chat is a powerful medium that you can use for your website to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. However, the needs of every industry are different. Our chat support staff are specially trained to provide live chat support in all of today’s demanding industries. They are also well accustomed with various live chat software platforms . Live chat enables you to earn the trust of your customers by providing immediate support to customers who need help on various issues. Their full time availability which resolves any issue with your customers at just a click, any hour of the day, any day of the week will enable you win in the competitive market.

Live Chat Support Service :

Our Live chat service enables your website visitors to click a button and chat with your agent in real time.
Live chat is the most cost effective form of support that can be used to proactively increase website sales and
also provide real time support to your customers.When you subscribe to a live chat system, there will be a link embedded on your site which will allow online users to get in touch with your agent through live chat. If an online user reads a particular information on your website there would be a link with a message like: "Click here to get live help".

Once the online user clicks and gives the email id and the telephone nos , your operator will receive a notification and a live chat conversation will take place.
Your website is covered even when you’re not there, with a minimum of 65 hours of agent coverage every week.


Choose the service plan, depending on your business
Promotes proactive sales / Customer Service
Many new features to track various aspects
No setup fee.-Our staff are pre-equipped in all the demanding technologies.
We start off the work immediately, upon order.
Service available for different types of industries

Answer your visitor’s initial questions with a real person
No more missing leads – we give you immediate Live Chat transfer, email alerts that let you respond to serious prospects within seconds.
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Increased Sales and Improved Corporate Branding
Reduced Operational Costs
Easy, Professional, And With Results You Can Measure
No re-doing your website with our easy installation.
Agents represent you the way you want – you get exclusively well-trained, college graduate, professional Live Chat agents .
A service that pays for itself – with Live Chat you’ll see a net increase in sales revenue.
Provide chat agents who speak to your web visitors live, right on the page.
Qualify your prospects as leads.
Get that crucial contact info in a natural, upfront way.
Push qualified leads to a Live Chat transfer, live phone transfer or follow-up call from you – within minutes.
Increase in online sales
At a lower cost per incremental order than any competing alternative
With customer satisfaction scores above any other human-assisted channel
Focus on your core competency and business growth.
Proactive sales by engaging consumers on website in a chat
Instant support for customers
Gain more Return On Investment from PPC and SEO campaigns
Encourage more sales by helping visitors complete order details. Confusion in
filling forms can be resolved instantly, thus promoting sales.
Up Sell commodities.
Earn customer trust, and get more sales by eliminating dead leads.

Live Chat Support Team with us

Our people are passionate about making your customers satisfied.
All chat agents and operators at Ace Worldwide are minimum college level graduates.
Our chat agents are trained through a rigorous process. They possess good experience working in the real time environment. They work to please customers.
People skills over chat and email are built to increase sales.
Our tech Support agents are recruited from the best networking and technology institutions.
Live Chat Support Representatives (CSR's) are patient and are experts in providing instant solutions to problems.
Our Chat Support Agents are well versed in different languages to support customers from various Countries.
Our live chat agents can throw images and specific pages with more product information in the
visitor's browser. Sending visitors directly to the pages they’re looking for increases the sales and also eliminates the need for customers to type potentially cumbersome and difficult-to-
spell URLs
Utilizing the Co-browsing feature, our chat support agents escort your visitors/consumers through your website and enhance their shopping experience.

The entire purpose of adding Live Chat to your website is to boost leads and get more sales. That’s why we give you objective, measureable results – either a qualified lead delivered via Live Chat transfer, email for a visitor’s full contact information for immediate follow-up.
Live chat service is available as different packages and comes with different numbers of live chat support agents you want to hire. This depends on your website traffic and support volume. Our base pricing per agent who works 8 hours/day for 24x7 chat support starts at an estimated $300 per month which means you need 3 agents (each working in 8 hours shift)to maintain a dedicated 24x7 chat support, which would total to US$900 per month.

Please note : You must have a live chat software installed on your website like , we do not sell Live chat software.

We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers, Credit Cards.

We operate from the world’s hub of IT Industry : INDIA.

For more enquiries please be in touch at or
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